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Psychosensory Academy


2023 Trainings

Creative communication, change and confidence
It's good to be with you

Havening Techniques 
Certified Practitioner


With International Havening Trainer Carol Robertson PhD
Certification from Havening HQ, New York

After completing this approved training, certification is received from Havening HQ, New York.

Brain Art and Brain Sculpture


With the originator Carol Robertson PhD

The practical application of observation and modern biology in psychosensory practice.

Learn about 


The V Scales
Cue > Activate > CASE

Reach Out

I am always happy to answer questions about the training 'Certified Practitioner of the Havening Techniques®' or 'Brain Art and Brain Sculpture'. Courses can be purchased at Once you join you can access the training materials here.

Thanks for connecting.

Find out more about international trainer Carol Robertson PhD and book your place.

Find out more about the Havening Techniques® and other trainers and trainings and events available.

This is just one of many worldwide opportunities to learn about and access the Havening Techniques®.  There are nearly 1,000 Certified Havening Techniques Practitioners and 50 Certified Havening Trainers worldwide. Please visit the Havening organization website, to learn more about all upcoming Havening events, classes, trainings, resources, and research.

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