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Explorations and Reflections

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

As we experience the different Havening Techniques, either through self-Havening or working with another student or practitioner, we learn what works really well for us. Reflecting on our experience and documenting and sharing your insights and questions is an important way to increase your skills and knowledge (LTP and LTD). For each, you can consider the principles, concepts and steps. I would suggest this order when learning the main techniques as it's a good way to build skills for elegant Havening.


Havening Touch

Amplify Havening
Hopeful Havening 
Ifformational Havening 
Affirmational Havening 

Event Havening
Outcome Havening 
Role Havening

Transpirational > Affirmational Havening 

Affirmational > Transpirational Havening

Once you start putting together sessions, you will find you will use the key checklists from the Primer (CASE,  Sensory input - (content, complex content, context), ELFS, EMLI), and the order of using the Havening Techniques tend to be more like the following sequence

  1. Using Question sets to move into introducing Havening Touch and experience  Amplification of a pleasant CASE 

  2. Considering unwanted CASE and looking for the earliest related EMLI

  3. Then Event Havening

  4. Observing and considering changes, for example, Outcome or Affirmational Havening may occur automatically during Event Havening

  5. Checking what this change could enable the person to enjoy doing. 

  6. Depending on the results, you would perhaps build on the changes with Outcome Havening or Role Havening, or perhaps Transpirational.

  7. Or you may move forward from Event Havening to Hopeful, Ifformational and Affirmational Havening.

  8. Questioning, observing, calibrating, tracking and utilising (QOCTU) throughout.

See the resource library at for a list of protocols, use your Primer, watch videos and unpack videos. Here are three documents you can use to record your practice and reflections. The first provides lots of support, the next is more open, and the third is a more complex structure for you.

Number 1.


Number 2.

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